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MSP LNC 2004

MSP Learning Network Conference 2004

Proceedings of the 2004 Math and Science Partnership Learning Network Conference.

Read presentations by these speakers as well as other panelists by clicking on the links below.

Judith Ramaley

Andrew Porter

Joan Ferrini-Mundy

Gordon Kingsley

Nancy Shapiro

Diane Spresser

January 28-31, 2004
Washington, D.C.

Lead staff of each of the MSPs met in Washington from January 28th-January 31st 2004. Over 300 MSP colleagues attended. We have attempted to capture the richness of many of the panels and follow-on discussions that took place at the conference. It is our hope that key ideas, challenges, issues, and questions raised at the conference will stimulate ongoing discussion during the year on MSPnet. These proceedings are viewable by all MSPnet members who log in to the site.

Participant comments are paraphrased and are not exact quotes.

Thursday, January 29th

  • Vision - Challenges - Opportunities
    Opening remarks by Diane Spresser, Judith Ramaley, and Susan Sclafani.

  • Strengthening Partnerships
    Plenary session panel discussion facilitated by Gordon Kingsley, with Judith Fonzi, Bill Badders, and Mary Beadle. A summary of ideas from the subsequent breakout group discussions on partnerships is included.

  • MSPnet: A Learning Community
    An introduction to MSPnet, with opening remarks by Elizabeth VanderPutten and an overview of MSPnet by Joni Falk.

  • Research on Teacher Knowledge and Student Outcomes
    A breakout session with presentations by Joan Ferrini-Mundy and Mary Kennedy and group discussion.

  • Overview of the RETA Projects
    A plenary session with an introduction by Elizabeth VanderPutten, and presentations by Gordon Kingsley, James Spillane, Barbara Scott Nelson, Sean Smith, and Martin Maehr, followed by a group discussion.

Friday, January 30th

  • US Department of Education (ED) MSP Program
    A plenary session with an introduction to the ED MSP Program by Joan Prival and Patricia O'Connell Ross, and presentations by three representatives of ED's state-administered MSPs: Barbara Libby, Nancy Mincemoyer and Ginger Redlinger.

  • Bridging the Cultures of Schools and Higher Education
    A breakout session facilitated by Nancy Shapiro with presentations by Wayne Harvey, Herb Clemens, and Vicky May, followed by group discussion.

  • Relationship Between Student Learning and High-Stakes Assessment
    A breakout session featuring a presentation by Andrew Porter.

  • Synthesis of Conference Proceedings and Next Steps
    A plenary session facilitated by Judith Ramaley, who poses a series of questions for panelists Josefina Arce, Nancy Bunt, Terry Millar, George Nelson, and Marilyn Strutchens.

  • NSF and ED Evaluation Discussions
    A plenary session on evaluation, with Patricia O'Connell Ross and Elizabeth Warner offering ED perspectives, and Elizabeth VanderPutten introducing Andrew Porter, who offers an NSF MSP program evaluator's perspective. Presentations are followed by group discussion.

Saturday, January 31st

  • MSP Data Collecting and Monitoring
    Jim Hamos of NSF, and Gary Silverstein and Ed Mann of Westat, introduce the MSP Online Monitoring System, followed by a plenary group discussion. A summary of representative issues in the subsequent breakout sessions is included.