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Executive Summary: MSP MIS Summary Data for Comprehensive and Targeted Partnership Projects: 2000-03 and 2003-04 School Years


The Math and Science Partnership (MSP) Management Information System (MIS) is designed to obtain annual information from each MSP-funded project. This information can be used to describe the implementation and impact of the overall MSP program and to monitor the progress of individual MSP awards. This report summarizes the initial findings for 34 Cohort 1 and 2 MSP projects for the 2002-03 and 2003-04 school years and provides evidence that projects are laying the groundwork for significant changes in their participating educational institutions. Most notably, projects are making progress in establishing the kinds of partnerships envisioned by NSF. The unique feature of these partnerships, the involvement of disciplinary faculty in the reform efforts, is in place and growing. The number of teachers and students involved in participating K-12 schools is also increasing--and data suggest that projects are, in fact, addressing the needs of urban and rural students with significant needs.