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Measuring the Effect of the Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership on Student Achievement


"...Part of the evaluation of the Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership (MMP) focused on trying to capture some of the school level variability in variables that are not under the control of the MMP, with the thought that any increase in student achievement in mathematics is ultimately affected by differences in how the model of professional development is being implemented in each of the respective schools. The primary purpose of this paper is to determine whether reported differences in these variables are related to differences in student achievement gains in mathematics. For example, is there a greater increase in student achievement in mathematics in schools that report discussing mathematics more often or for schools with a collaborative and supportive LT? A secondary purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast the two aforementioned accountability systems, status based and value-added, in terms of assessing the effectiveness of a large-scale educational reform such as the Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership (MMP). These two methods will be compared in terms of outcomes and viability of application. Finally issues specific to the MMP that have been encountered in attempting to implement a system of accountability will be addressed. These issues are vitally important because they threaten the validity of any conclusions that may be drawn in terms of the impact of the MMP on increasing student achievement in mathematics."