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Networking Among VIP K-16 Participants


"This study employed social network analysis (SNA) to describe professional collaboration among participants of the Vertically Integrated Partnerships (VIP) K-16 program, primarily high school teachers and higher education faculty. The study focused on three qualitative measures by which to examine VIP's evolving collaborative structure--the emergence of new professional connections since VIP, the extent to which VIP networks became more connected, and leadership roles in integrating network participants. Informed by program goals and activities, VIP networks were examined in four core program-related areas--inquiry-based teaching and learning, mentoring relationships, exposing undergraduates to science teaching as a career option, and planning and managing VIP activities. While causal inferences are beyond the scope of this study, the findings provide an understanding of the capacity of VIP for promoting professional networks in activity areas that are key to achieving program goals."