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Summary of the Development and Use of the Inventory for Teaching and Learning (ITAL) in the External Evaluation of the Georgia Partnership for Reform in Science and Mathematics (PRISM)


This document provides a brief description of the Inventory of Teaching and Learning (ITAL) developed and currently being implemented as one component of an external evaluation of the Georgia Partnership for Reform in Science and Mathematics (PRISM). The Georgia PRISM program is a cooperative partnership between four regional higher education institutions and their surrounding school districts. The PRISM external evaluation is a longitudinal (2003- 2008), mixed methods (qualitative and quantitative) effort to document change processes and outcomes in K-16 science and mathematics. The change model includes emersion of K-12 teachers and higher education faculty in professional development and in-service education programs, learning communities, and faculty institutes. The ITAL is a web-based survey of teaching and learning practices designed to reflect reformed (inquiry-based and standards-based) teaching and learning environments/practices and more traditional learning environments/practices. Included in this document are: (a) a brief description of the historical development of the ITAL; (b) a summary of the current (third) form of the ITAL items and their empirical classifications on three measurement dimensions; and (c) some suggested uses of the ITAL. More detailed descriptions of the methodology used to develop the ITAL can be found in Ellett, Monsaas, Payne, & Pevey (2005; 2006) and Ellett & Monsaas (2007).