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Teacher Employment Patterns and Student Results in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools


This report examines the employment patterns and distribution of teachers among schools and students in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school system across several years. It covers all facets of teaching, including which teachers are recruited, how they are placed in schools, how they develop, and which teachers remain in the district.

Key Findings and/or Recommendations
*Teachers hired after the school year begins are more likely to be novices and perform less well on average
*There are no significant differences between alternatively and regularly certified teachers in terms of student performance on tests
*Teacher effectiveness varies widely by teachers' undergraduate institution
*New teachers are placed with students who are academically behind those of more experienced teachers, both across and within schools
*Teachers improve rapidly in early years, but improvement flattens after year four
*Well-performing math teachers are more likely to remain in the district, but not reading teachers