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Tuskegee MSP - A Success Story


"A partnership consisting of institutions of higher education in Alabama, school districts in the state's Black Belt region, along with other organizations is actively working to improve science education in grades 6th-8th in these districts. The partnership is supported through an award by the National Science Foundation, under the Math and Science Partnership (MSP) program. It is led by Tuskegee University and consists of four doctoral granting institutions, five community colleges and ten school districts in the Alabama's Black Belt region, serving 82 science teachers and 8000 students in 6th-8th grades. A key activity is the development of NanoBio science-based course modules and 3-D simulation of science concepts by STEM and education faculty and master teachers for delivery in an inquiry-based setting in the partner schools.

This paper describes the forging of the partnership, the interventions that are designed to address challenges in science education in the partner school districts, and the project's implementation and research framework."