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Change and Sustainability in Higher Education


In 2004, the University System of Maryland was awarded its second National Science Foundation grant to engage in a three-year study to document curriculum transformation, faculty engagement, and sustainable change among higher education institutions involved in Math and Science Partnership (MSP) grant projects. The title of this grant is Change and Sustainability in Higher Education (CASHE). The primary focus of this project is to study ways in which MSPs have engaged science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) higher education faculty in focusing on the quality of STEM undergraduate education, strengthening their teaching practices, and expanding the scope of their work to include a K-16 perspective, including the improvement of K-12 STEM education and the preparation of future teachers. CASHE also focuses on the impact that MSPs have had on campus culture, policies, and priorities, and the extent to which such resulting changes in higher education will likely be sustainable beyond the life of these grants.