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External Feedback for Educational Research: What Should We Ask?


This paper, prepared by TEAMS staff, provides insights into the evaluation of educational research in order to strengthen research projects and increase the quality of evidence about what works to improve student learning from the lens of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. In particular, TEAMS hopes this publication will increase the usability of research findings through evaluation approaches designed specifically to improve the processes and results of research in STEM education. The primary questions that guided the development of this paper are:

  • What are the defining features of evaluation of research in contrast with both educational research and program evaluation?
  • What is the relationship between research types, phases of the research cycle, and evaluation feedback models?
  • What evaluation feedback models are best suited to different research types?
  • What evaluation questions guide the evaluation of research projects?
  • How should evaluation questions and feedback models be adapted for each research type as defined by the Common Guidelines for Educational Research and Development?