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Code To Learn With Scratch? A Systematic Literature Review


"The use of computer programming in K-12 spread into schools worldwide in the 70s and 80s of the last century, but it disappeared from the educational landscape in the early 90s. With the development of visual programming languages such as Scratch, this movement has emerged again in recent years, as teachers at all educational levels and from different disciplines consider that the use of programming enhances learning in many subjects and allows students to develop important skills. The systematic literature review presented in this article aims to summarize the results of recent research using programming with Scratch in subjects not related to computing and communications, as well as studies analyzing the kind of skills students develop while learning to code in this environment. Although the analyzed papers provide promising results regarding the use of programming as an educational resource, this review highlights the need to conduct more empirical research in classrooms, using larger samples of students that allow to obtain clear conclusions about the types of learning that could be enhanced through programming."