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How Time Is Used to Support Teaching and Learning at The International High School at Laguardia Community College


"This case study looks at The International High School (IHS) at LaGuardia Community College in Long Island City, New York. Located in the borough of Queens, IHS is co-located in a low-rise building with another small New York City public school, Middle College High School (MCHS). Across the street is LaGuardia Community College, IHS's partner institution of higher education where IHS students take college courses. HIS has a population of 518 students who come from 54 countries.

IHS demonstrates how a sense of agency and an activist approach to the conditions of schooling can create opportunities for innovative uses of time. IHS's commitment to a vision and philosophy of school as a collaborative community that gives teachers a powerful role in collaborating on decisions governing the conditions of their teaching, students' learning, and the faculty's professional growth, support, and evaluation has encouraged teachers to support, buy into, and indeed, author innovations required to enact the IHS model over time."