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Mathematical Modeling with Middle School Students: The Robot Art Model-Eliciting Activity


"Internationally mathematical modeling is garnering more attention for the benefits associated with it. Mathematical modeling can develop students' communication skills and the ability to demonstrate understanding through different representations. With the increased attention on mathematical modeling, there is a need for more curricula to be developed, implemented, and assessed. This study details the mathematical understandings that a diverse class of urban middle school students demonstrated on a mathematical modeling activity focused on geometry and measurement. At times students had difficulties in communicating clearly but based on the structure of the activity students were able to self-assess the quality of their communication and work towards improvement. The groups in the class were able to develop methods for how to program a robot to recreate a picture, though improvements could be made to the design of the activity. Teachers can use MEAs and mathematical modeling as formative assessment to build on students' understandings and further develop ideas that the teacher has in mind to pursue. Such assessment provides a rich basis for identifying evolving mathematical understandings that can be further developed."