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AIMS PreK-16
The Alliance for Improvement of Mathematics Skills PreK-16 (AIMS PK-16) is a partnership of nine independent school districts in South Texas and two Hispanic-serving institutions of higher education, Del Mar (Community) College and Texas A&M University, Kingsville. The partner school districts serve roughly 30,000 students, of whom 61% are minority students and 50% are economically disadvantaged students. The overarching goal of AIMS PK-16 is to prepare all students in the partner districts for success in college-level mathematics courses by the time that they graduate from high school. This will require the partnership to close significant achievement gaps among student groups, especially raising the achievement of a sizeable Hispanic student population.

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Project Contributions

Focused Mathematics Professional Development Results in Student Achievement Gains
The Alliance for the Improvement of Mathematics Skills -- PreK-16 (AIMS), funded fall 2002 by NSF, has four goals, one of which focuses on teacher professional development and its affects...