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Adding Value to MSP Evaluations
This project is an empirical study of the effects of MSP projects on student achievement, and it includes providing technical assistance to approximately 15 MSP evaluators regarding MSP evaluation challenges and the use of appropriate analytic tools and techniques for studying the impacts of MSPs. This three-year project has three goals:

  1. to increase the knowledge of MSP evaluators about design, indicators, and conditions needed to successfully measure change in student learning over time,

  2. to develop useful tools for evaluators to attribute outcomes to MSP activities, and

  3. to apply different techniques for analyzing the relationship between student achievement and MSP project activities in order to evaluate the success of MSP projects.

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Project Contributions

Issues Related to Judging the Alignment of Curriculum Standards and Assessments
"A process for judging the alignment between curriculum standards and assessments developed by the author is presented. This process produces information on the rela- tionship of standards and assessments on…
Plan of Action for Implementing the SCALE Quality Indicator System
"The SCALE Quality Indicator System is a work in progress. The purpose of this paper is to describe in some detail the design of the indicator system and to provide...
MSP Evaluation Summit: Evidence-Based Findings from MSPs
Sponsored by the Adding Value to the Mathematics and Science Partnerships Evaluations (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Consortium for Building Evaluation Capacity (Utah State University) SUMMARY...
Web Alignment Tool
Posted by: Paula White . The Web Alignment Tool (WAT) is a Web-based application that automates the process of aligning state education standards with standardized tests. This tool makes it possible to gauge the alignment...
Adding Value to the MSP Evaluations
Slide presentation from the MSP PI Conference, Washington, D.C., January 2004. Click here for a web-viewable PDF Click here for the original PowerPoint presentation