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The College Ready in Mathematics and Physics Partnership (College Ready) is comprised of thirty-eight school districts in Arkansas and Oklahoma, the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith, and the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, which will serve as the lead among these core partners. In addition, the following are supporting partners: the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT), American Physical Society (APS), College Board, Mathematical Association of America (MAA), Maplesoft, Northwest Arkansas Community College (NWACC), and the UAF Center for Mathematics and Science Education (CMASE). College Ready intends to build vertical and horizontal learning communities among school and college faculty in order to improve major articulation issues that impact the successful transition of students from high school to college. College Ready focuses its work on a number of critical junctures and therefore is centered on articulation issues between school and college - and among colleges and disciplines.

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Project Contributions

Being Responsive to Partnership Need While Maintaining Fidelity of Implementation
"This session describes three implementation adjustments experienced during the life of the College Ready in Mathematics and Physics Partnership. In preparation for the Common Core State Standards, all curriculum in…
College Ready Curriculum Development Survey: Student and Teacher Beliefs
Posted by: John Eggebrecht . Beliefs and dispositions of College Ready students and teachers in 23 classes are summarized to inform the teacher's enactment of curriculum materials and instructional strategies.
A Quick Guide to Action Research for College Ready Teachers
Posted by: John Eggebrecht . A brief summary of evidence-based strategies for professional development is presented. The objective is to support College Ready teachers in the collection of data that will inform their Curriculum Enactment…
Learning Models for Science Lesson Design
"Since the Sputnik era, constructivist models of learning have been advocated for science curriculum development projects as an instructional strategy that mirrors the practice of science.[1] The publication of the…
Articulation Between School and College: A College Ready White Paper
"As stated in the College Ready proposal to NSF, 'much of the proposed work is aimed at improving articulation between school and college and building learning communities to enhance teacher…
College Ready
Posted by: Blake Decker . College Ready is a targeted partnership consisting of two universities, 39 partner school districts, and more than 80 school campuses in Arkansas and Oklahoma. The Partnership is beginning its fourth…
College Ready: First Year Successes and Challenges
This paper addresses the following claim(s): "At the UA, we have greatly increased the number of physics teachers recruited. In part, this appears to be due to the opportunity provided…