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Collections Of Student-Centered Science Lessons


"IMSS is pleased to provide a series of instructional cases (IC's) for middle school science teachers. Each IC is a series of lessons that are focused on a key science concept/skill. Lessons within each IC are aligned with state and national standards. The IC's aim to demonstrate how to effectively integrate Next Generation Science Standards (focus on science practices) and Common Core State Standards (focus on argumentative writing) into science curriculum, instruction and assessments. Each IC includes lesson plans, assessments, activities, and samples of student work. The IC's were collaboratively developed by a group consisting of middle school science teachers, CSU East Bay science faculty, instructional experts from multiple county offices of education, and organizations such as the Exploratorium. All IC's have been piloted by middle school teachers and have a research lesson that is revised through a lesson study process. We encourage teachers to use the IC's and provide us feedback. Lessons are revised and updated each summer."