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The University of Rhode Island, Rhode Island College, Johnston Public Schools and the Rhode Island Department of Education are Core Partners in a comprehensive, statewide effort to improve the quality of science teaching and learning at all secondary schools. The Education Alliance at Brown University, which will evaluate the project, is a supporting partner together with the Community College of Rhode Island, the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation and the Concord Consortium.

The RITES project will, in five years of NSF funding, transform the quality of science teaching and learning at all secondary schools, with the goal of increasing the number and diversity of students who are proficient in science and pursue careers in Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics (STEM).

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Project Contributions

Life Cycle of RITES Implementations: The Past, Present, and Future History of a Statewide Effort to Improve STEM Education
"RITES provides supplemental Professional Development (PD) to 5th through 12th grade science teachers throughout Rhode Island that emphasizes the innovative use of technology and inquiry-based teaching. The premise is that…
RITES: Framing Effective STEM Teaching
Posted by: Howard Dooley . RITES is the targeted MSP program in Rhode Island. RITES stands for RI Technology Enhanced Sciences. It seeks to support state and district initiatives to improve science teaching and learning…
Evaluating Short-Term Impacts on Student Achievement: What Does Student Motivation and Reflection Tell Us?
This presentation focuses on the use of student motivation and reflection as indicators of short-term MSP program impact. With evidence and data from the RITES evaluation study the presentation will…
Value-Added Approach to Program Implementation: Using School Factors and Student Achievement to Guide the Implementation of Partnership-Based Reforms
The RITES MSP is working with schools across Rhode Island to improve student achievement through the development and use of technology- enhanced inquiry science activities, high quality PD, and other…
Using RITES Investigations 2010
Posted by: Howard Dooley . In order to learn more about the use of the RITES Investigations a number of research and evaluation activities have been conducted, including visits to selected classrooms by staff of…