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Professor Osman Yasar Named One of "Top 30 Most Successful Turks in the World"


Osman Yasar, PI of the SCOLLARCITY MSP, was honored as a Turkish National Icon...

Brockport, NY -- Osman Yasar PhD, professor and chair of the Department of
Computational Sciences at SUNY College at Brockport, has been recognized as one of
the "Top 30 Most Successful Turks in the World" by the internationally recognized
Turkish magazine (Hurriyet in its New Year's Special Edition.
Turkey's Top 30 includes a moviemaker, an actor, two NBA players, a famous European
soccer player, a Harvard scientist, and a Cleveland, OH, surgeon. It also includes Ahmet
Ertegun, the owner of Atlantic Records and founder of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
and Museum, Cleveland, OH. Yasar is a former Turkey national soccer player who says
"I always wanted to be a national hero...I guess science can get you there as well."

Read more about Yasar Osman's many accomplishments by clicking on the pdf file above.