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Elements of Computational Science and Engineering Education


This paper describes elements of undergraduate computational science education. This is the 'bible' in the emerging field of computational science and engineering. --Osman Yassar

"The multidisciplinary nature of computational science and engineering (CSE) and its relation
to other disciplines is described. The stages through which CSE education is evolving,
from initial recognition in the 1980s to present growth, are discussed. The challenges and
benefits of different approaches to CSE education are discussed, as is the emergence of a
set of core elements common to different approaches. The content of courses, curricula,
and degrees ordered in CSE are reviewed, and a survey is made of all undergraduate degree
programs. The curricula of different programs are examined for the common "tool
set" they define and analyzed for their relative weighting of computing, application, and
mathematics. A trend toward a standard curriculum is noted."