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A Computational Technology Approach to Education


"As technology is increasingly used in most facets of the workplace, it is imperative that primary and secondary schools and colleges help create a workforce capable of turning technological advancements into societal benefits. Such a workforce should possess strong backgrounds in math, science, and technology, and its numbers should be sustainable. Unfortunately, the number of US students seeking a higher education in these subjects is declining, and among the reasons why is a loss of interest in these subjects in secondary school. If this trend continues, it could not only deplete the workforce but also drain the very intellectual capital that's needed to continue creating technological advances. To reverse this trend, educators should use technology as the catalyst to transform instruction into a learner-centered and inquiry-based education, one in which students construct knowledge through their own investigations. educators face. In this article, we report on our initial experience in training middle- and high-school teachers to use the computational math, science, and technology (CMST) approach in the classroom to improve both teaching and learning."